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UNLOCK App: Yanagi Toru by skypuru UNLOCK App: Yanagi Toru by skypuru


full body:

>Name: Yanagi Toru

>Nickname: N/A (Feel free to give him one)

>Age: 17

>Gender: Male

>Birthday: 26th July

>Height/Weight: 178cm | 67kg

>Year: 3rd year

>Nationality: Japanese

>Roommate/Housemate: TBA

>Club: Guardians, Music


Caring || Positive || Open-minded || Friendly || Patient || Organised
-Toru loves to help people and will never say no if you ask him for help. He'll do his best to aid you in whatever problem you have at all times.
-Toru likes to be positive no matter what situation. His personality's generally like that but he also expresses it to er up any negative thoughts of the people around him. "Never give up" after all.
-Toru accepts any ideas from his peers, most especially his fellow Guardians, and takes everything into consideration, even if its silly.
-Toru is never angry, ever. Well, at least not towards people anyways. He will only ever be angry if any of the student body gets hurt (from X eggs/charas). But otherwise he's completely friendly and full of smiles.
-You could be late for something by an hour or two and Toru wouldn't be angry at you. You could make him wait for a long time and he would still greet you with a smile as if he had only waited for a minute.
-Its so much easier to know where everything is, no? It makes Toru's life so much easier, but he's generally just an organised person.


 +Helping people
 +Meeting new people
 +His friends and guardian characters
 +Spending time with his grandmother

 -X eggs/characters
 -Seeing people get hurt
 -His parent's nagging about his career
 -Being forced to do something against his will
 -Over the top amounts of paperwork (gives him headaches)


Toru, being born into a family that has been in medical fields for generations, was raised and directed to the same path. His father is a doctor, and his mother is one of the few female surgeons in Japan, both the best in their respective areas of work. They all resided on the mainland of Japan, and the both of them wanted Toru to follow the Yanagi family's path. When he was young, Toru had been quite fascinated by the idea of being able to help people, and didn't object with becoming a doctor and taking over for his father, and that thought remained until he met his grandmother at 10 years old. 

Toru's grandmother was one of the rare members of the Yanagi family that wasn't in the medical field. When she was young, she was a popular singer and pianist at a bar, and had completely rebelled against joining the medical field, despite her father threatening to cut ties with her. When Toru met her, she had introduced him to the world of music- back then he had only heard music or caught a glimpse of a performance on the TV before his mother turned it off or changed the channel. As he began to spend more time with his grandmother, he developed a great interest in the piano, and eventually, the elderly woman saw his potential and taught him how to play.

The two shared that little secret between them for a long while, until Toru reached the age of 13. His parents when absolutely ballistic and forbid Toru from going over to his grandmother's, forcing him to focus on his studies, instead of a useless hobby that won't get him anywhere in life. Toru grudgingly did so, yet he always seemed to manage to sneak over to his grandmother's (she lived down the road) when his parents were working.

Gradually, he got better and better at piano, and though still behind other kids his age whom learnt the piano, he didn't care. He was happy that he could play, and did his best to balance his playing with his studies, so that his parents wouldn't get suspicious. However, when he was discovered a second time, a year later from the first, he was sent to Seiton Islands' Seiso Academy, and was cut off from contacting his grandmother.

>Quote: "Don't worry about it!"

"Ah- well, its only me again."
Previous Guardians- Toru was very close with his ex-fellow guardians, so when they all transferred away due to family reasons one by one, it gave him a feel of loneliness. Nevertheless, he still keeps in contact with them.
Kazehaya Daisuke- Unofficial boyfriend. They've had quite a odd relationship at the beginning, but as more time was spent with each other, the feelings bloomed and- though they didn't exactly officially label each other as boyfriend relationship- c'mon it's kind of obvious. Toru has this sense of need to protect him constantly and he generally just loves spending time with him, no matter the place or time.
Louise Teo- Quite the eccentric person, if he may add. They had quite an unusual meeting, however Toru's patience caught up with her bursts of temper and personality and they ended up quite good friends. She was also the first new student he encountered.
Corea Juon- In Toru's opinion, this jelly-bean lover was quite an interesting poem. Upon meeting at the entrance ceremony, they hit it off quite well and he would label him as one of his good friends with no hesitation whatsoever.

>Voice: Mizushima Takahiro


-He didn't get to do music as a subject, because his parents would find out, so he opted with joining the Music club and having lessons from the teacher after school.
-He doesn't really dislike them, but is not really good with horror or scary things (e.g. haunted houses)
-He wears reading glasses
-He sometimes helps tutor students when he has spare time

>Name: Sonata

>Gender: Male

>Would be Self: Becoming skilled at the piano, and for people to enjoy his music. A pianist.

>Personality: TBA


+Peace and quiet
+Classical music (still prefer piano)
-Noisy people 
-People who don't appreciate music
-Being forced to talk a lot

>Quote: TBA

>Voice: TBA


-Toru is capable of both character changing and transforming with him
-He first appeared after Toru mastered a piece he had a lot of trouble with back in his first year of Seiyo
-Seldom speaks




>Name: Unknown

>Gender: Unknown

>Would be Self: Unknown

>Personality: Unknown

>Likes/Dislikes: Unknown

>Quote: Unknown

>Voice: Unknown


-This egg is unhatched

 -Appeared when Toru developed a determination to protect everyone

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